Some resources and tips to learn a Portuguese using the Method of Loci.

Get your geek on and dance to this with your kids, here is a link to They Might Be Giants video of the song Meet the Elements. 

Tomorrow is a great day, it is an official holiday to celebrate the mathematical constant Pi. Pi is a beautiful thing, it is the constant that represents the ratio of the circle’s circumference over its diameter. However, it is so much more then that. There are so many relationships in nature that involve Pi, and tomorrow is a great time to teach the wonder of mathematics to your children.

Interesting concept that might bring some much needed changes to traditional education. I hope that they focus on some concepts that students are not traditionally exposed to in school. I hope this is as interesting as Khan Academy.

Step by step guide to teaching your kid to multiply

We all want to be experts, but how do we get there?

Basically it boils down to this: If your bored, your not learning

A general overview of basic study skills and how they relate to our memory.

Neat trick to multiply any two digit numbers in your head.

Info about a great movie for kids to learn the wonder of mathematics.